Quick Maintenance Review

Do you want to know more about bearing maintenance practices? Curious to see how yours compares with those of your peers and competitors?

By completing our new dedicated questionnaire, you can review and benchmark your bearing maintenance practices with similar companies from the same industry. Get free issue specific maintenance advice from SKF?

On completion, we will share a tailored maintenance maturity radar chart with you, making it simpler for you to identify areas for improvement. In addition, we will offer you recommendations and suggestions on how to improve identified areas. The more detail you give, the more advice we can offer you.

Need another reason to take part? If you highlight one specific maintenance issue that you would like expert advice from the SKF team on, you can upload details and supporting photographs as part of the review, so that we can support you with issue specific tailored recommendations.

The questionnaire will take you about 20 minutes to complete. After submission, you can download your specific results in the form of the radar chart, and a SKF expert will contact you to discuss the outcome and the opportunities in greater detail, without any commitments.

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Do you agree?

To make it more attractive we are raffling off 2 brand new SKF Thermometers TKTL 11 among the participants.